Lektz eBook DRM

Let your customers purchase and access your DRM-enabled ebooks with ease. By integrating Lektz DRM with your ebook eCommerce website and hosting it in your own server, you can allow your customers to purchase and download the ebooks using their single username and password, and access them both online and offline.

Unlike other leading ebook DRMs currently available in the market, Lektz DRM is offered on Self-hosting (On-premise) model with no revenue sharing or transaction fee. You can have Lektz DRM purchased, integrated and hosted in your own servers with one-time perpetual license. By using Lektz readers in combination with Lektz DRM, you can provide your customers a uniform user experience across different devices and platforms.

DRM for static and multimedia-rich content

Protecting multimedia-rich, interactive and engaging content is no more a challenge. With Lektz DRM, you can protect content of different formats and standards such as PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout).

Strong piracy protection

With 128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm, Device MAC ID Verification and User Authentication, Lektz DRM provides a very strong Digital Rights Management (DRM) mechanism for content protection from piracy and illegal distribution.