Lektz eBook Reader Apps

Lektz reader apps are specially designed to make the reading experience more engaging and interesting. They support various formats and standards of ebooks such as PDF, ePUB2, ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout), HTML5, SCORM, TinCan API, DAISY Talking Books and Media-Overlay.

Lektz reader apps are not just preferred ebook reader apps for reading but also for learning. Its backend analytics engine "Reads the consumer" such as the readers' profile, interests, purchase patterns, time spent on specific topic, chapter or book, activities performed and the outcomes of the activities. It also offers some innovative and unique features such as:

  • Uniform user experience across various devices and platforms
  • Add notes with Text, Pictures, Audio and Video
  • Read while you walk
  • Cloud synchronization of data
  • Supports Left-To-Right (LTR), Right-To-Left (RTL), Top-to-Bottom (TTB) and Indian languages

iOS Reader

Android Reader

  • Seamlessly browse, subscribe, download and manage thousands of eBooks to your smartphones or tablets. With Lektz reader for Android you can read both DRM protected and unprotected EPUB, EPUB3 and PDF eBooks from multiple Publishers/Authors around the world.
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Windows Reader

Windows PC

  • Lektz Reader for Windows PCs brings the elegance of the Lektz mobile reading experience to Windows desktop and laptop users. With Lektz Reader you can read both DRM protected and unprotected EPUB and PDF books in an application that’s designed for immersive onscreen reading—with the all of the powerful features and customization options you've come to expect from Lektz Reader apps.
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